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After Smudges Pregnant Couple27 years, I have closed Smudges and www.smudges.com. I will be putting my efforts full time into OC Pregnant Couplemy wholesale ornament business, Ornament Central, which I started with my husband, Jim, in 2004. As many of my Smudges customers know, Jim died very unexpectedly in September 2007.  It has become too difficult to run both businesses myself. Ornament Central, like Smudges, is a family business.  It has become everything Jim and I had hoped it would be.  I design ornaments (based on my Smudges ornaments, but manufactured in a resin material overseas), which we sell to Christmas stores, gift shops, mall kiosks, and websites.  I have sold all of my Smudges ornaments to Christmas Spirit Shop, in Bar Harbor, Maine.  See link below to visit their website. There are hundreds of locations across the country that sell Ornament Central ornaments- most of them personalize the ornaments as well.  I have provided links below to make it easy for you to continue to purchase my designs.





1.This is a link to Ornament Central- a wholesale only website, so you can’t purchase my ornaments there, but you can take a look at what we carry:

Click here to go to Ornament Central website

2.This is an email link to contact us about finding a store in your area that carries Ornament Central ornaments:

Click here to email us about an Ornament Central retailer near you

3.To buy personalized Ornament Central ornaments online, follow this link is to a website that carries all of our designs. When you go to the website, put “ROOC” into the search at the top of the page.  You will then be able to easily find most of my Ornament Central designs:

Click here to go to Russell Rhodes Christmas Ornaments Shop

4. If you want only handmade Smudges ornaments, use this link to the Christmas Spirit Shop website.  If you peruse this site you will recognize which are Smudges ornaments, and you can always email Christmas Spirit shop from this site to ask about specific Smudges designs. When you click on the link, put “SMG” into the keyword search at the top of the page.  This will bring up Smudges ornaments.

Click here to go to ChristmasSpiritShop.com